Emergency Services


Instant Relief. Compassionate Care

When your pet experiences extreme pain or shows signs of illness, bring them into our emergency clinic as soon as you can. Our skilled team may be able to treat any life-threating problems quickly and easily if you make sure they get looked at immediately. When you need critical care for your animal, come to Blue Cross Animal Hospital. We’ve been saving pets’ lives for decades and will make sure yours receives the most compassionate care and leaves our clinic feeling better.

Reliable Expertise in Your Neighborhood

Kentucky and Indiana residents don’t have to look far for the best in emergency pet care services. Right in your neighborhood, our clinic is fully equipped with the finest medical instruments and machinery as well as a highly qualified team. The expertise of our animal-loving veterinarians is what makes us the best around in emergency pet care.

A Calming Presence and Peaceful Atmosphere

Emergency situations are inherently stressful and scary. The last thing we want to do is make your pet feel greater distress. That’s why we promote a peaceful atmosphere where your animal can feel calm and comforted. Pets with emergencies will receive treatment in a quiet, isolated place from veterinarians with a calming demeanor. Our experts know exactly how to soothe your canine or feline friend in our emergency room.