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How to Set up a Leopard Gecko Habitat?

If you are thinking setting up a habitat for a Leopard Gecko is all about putting a light bulb and rocks in a tank then you might be wrong. Also, if you want your reptile to have a healthy and long-life then make sure you fulfill all the specific needs that they have. In this… Read More »

How Often Do Rabbits Need To Be Brushed?

When we are talking about the grooming of a rabbit, then it includes brushing their bodies as well as trimming their nails. It is noted that rabbits contain a lot of hair on their bodies, and excessive hair can create a problem. As a reason, excessive hair on the body will be rendered as unhygienic,… Read More »


If you’ve ever had influenza, the aches, pains, dizziness, nausea, and respiratory issues can leave you bedridden for several days. However, did you know that you’re not the only member of your family who is susceptible to catching the flu? Canine influenza is a serious, potentially life-threatening infection that you can spread easily to your pooch.… Read More »